AIMI – Associazione di Informatica Musicale Italiana

In collaboration with:
Fiarì Ensemble
Unione Musicale
Laboratorio Multimediale "G. Quazza"
DAMS – Università di Torino
Stockhausen Stiftung – Kürten
iXem – italian eXperimental electronic music


############## XVIII CIM – "Close Distances" ##############
October 5/8 2010

AIMI, the Italian Association for Musical Informatics, organizes the XVIII CIM (Colloquium for Musical Informatics), its biennial meeting, in Torino and Cuneo, October 5/8 2010.

The main topic, "Close Distances", refers to the increasing diffusion of connectivity in musical production and consumption.

The meeting itself is co-organized by institutions of two different cities of the same region: the University of Turin and the Conservatory of Cuneo.

The program will include scientific communications, workshops and artistic events.

Site: http://www.aimi-musica.org/node/1174

With respect to scientific communication, please note that communications written/presented in English are welcome.

IT: http://www.aimi-musica.org/node/1175

Two workshops will be held:

– A one-day intensive workshop on SuperCollider with special focus on live electronics, will be given by Joshua Parmenter. Joshua will also run the electronics for the Fiarì Ensemble concert (see later)

– Mark Trayle will lead a 6-day workshop on networked musical systems, culminating in a performance of the work "Phantom Rooms", between Torino and Cuneo
IT: http://www.aimi-musica.org/node/1177

Calls for works:

– Trombone and electronics, with Michele Lomuto performing the selected works (Lomuto was one of Berio’s favorite performers for his "Sequenza")


– Ensemble and electronics, with Fiarì Ensemble

– Multimedia (audio-video) works to be written for the Virtual 1958 Philips Pavillion, where Varèse’s "Poème électronique" and Xenakis’ "Concret PH" were first performed, and rendered over an 8-channel audio system with video screen projection. (http://edu.vrmmp.it/vep/)


IT: http://www.aimi-musica.org/node/1178


Aside from the performance of "Phantom Rooms" and the three events related to the calls for works, concerts will include also Michele Marelli playing works for clarinet and electronics by Karlheinz Stockhausen. In addition, jam sessions for electroacoustic improvisors will be organized by the University of Torino.
IT: http://www.aimi-musica.org/node/1179

Important dates:

Call for papers
Submission: 30/06/2010
Notification: 30/07/2010
Camera-ready: 01/09/2010

Call for scores
Submission: 01/07/2010 (deadline extended until july 24 only for calls "trombone and electronics" and "multimedia")

Notification: 30/07/2010
Delivery of required materials: 01/09/2010

XVIII CIM – Colloquio di Informatica Musicale: 05-08/10/2010



15/04/2011: proceedings are available here.

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