Keynote talks


Claudio Allocchio (GARR). LOLA, from an idea to real time human interaction.

LOLA (the Low Latency A/V streaming system) was born out of a very simple idea: getting rid of latency enables human interaction to deploy in a simple an natural way; and music is the best place where this natural interaction is needed to achieve art. An inside view of the LOLA system, and its future perspectives, and real LOLA use examples will give an up to date staus of what advanced networks and LOLA can do today.

Miha Ciglar
(IRZU Lubiana, SLO)  Syntact – touch the sound.

Syntact™ is a new musical interface developed at Ultrasonic audio technologies. The revolutionary technology behind Syntact provides contact-free tactile feedback to the musician. By utilizing airborne ultrasound a force field is created in mid-air that can be sensed in a tactile way. It allows a musician to feel the actual sound with its temporal and harmonic texture. While an optical sensor system is interpreting his hand gestures and mapping the descriptors of hand motion onto sound synthesis/processing parameters, the musician can physically engage with the medium of sound by virtually molding and shaping it – i.e. changing its acoustic appearance – directly with his hands.

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